The Immigration Project

Serving downstate Illinois with immigrant legal services.


buttonThe Immigration Project provides services to help Legal Permanent Residents who are ready to naturalize (become a U.S. citizen). These services include:IMG_5165

  • low cost intake evaluation and screening by one of our immigration attorneys
  • completion of forms and applications (based on paperwork¬†clients provide)
  • final review by one of our attorneys before application is submitted
  • follow-through and guidance with the post-filing steps of¬†biometrics, interview, and oath ceremony


Swearing-In-CeremonyCitizenship Application Workshops

For all legal permanent residents (“green card holders”) who are ready to naturalize (become a citizen), please read these flyers carefully to know what required paperwork you would need to bring. We hope to see you at our workshops to give you a legal screening and prepare your citizenship application.


Citizenship for Your Children

Your kids may already be American Citizens! Click here for more information. (Flyer in English, Spanish, and French.)

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