Country Profiles

The Immigration Project helps immigrants to the United States from all over the world. People frequently ask where do our clients come from and why do they leave for America? Our Country Profiles answer these questions with unique perspectives from our staff attorneys and client stories. Learn more about immigration to America in the twenty-first century.


Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo: is a large country in central Africa. Many Congolese immigrants come to the United States through the Diversity Visa program or as asylum seekers/refugees. The country has mass amounts of natural resources but due to political stability remains an impoverished nation.  Full profile coming soon!





guatemala flag


Guatemala: a small Central American country part of what is called the “Northern Triangle” one of the largest client populations we serve come from Guatemala. Many Guatemalans in the United States are from the indigenous communities that have their own unique language and culture. To learn more about Guatemala Click here!




Flag of Mexico


Mexico: is the second largest economy in Latin America. Currently, the United States’ largest immigration population is from Mexico. Consequently, the reasons Mexican immigrants come to the United States are numerous. Full profile coming soon!





togo flag

Togolese Republic

Togo: a small country in West Africa the Immigration Project expects the number of Togolese clients to increase over the next few years. Formerly known as Togoland the Togolese Republic is a diverse French speaking country. To learn more about Togo Click here!