The Immigration Project

We are the principal provider of immigration legal services in central and southern Illinois

Who We Are

We've provided access to immigration justice to the immigrant community of downstate Illinois for over 25 years.

Recognizing that access to accurate, complete information regarding immigration law is geographically and economically restricted for underserved immigrant populations in downstate Illinois, the Immigration Project endeavors to provide access to justice for immigrants and their families through immigration-related legal and educational services to immigrants, refugees, their families and others in downstate Illinois, in a manner and context which recognizes the full dignity of each individual.

A family of color stands in front of a world map.
A father plays with one child on his shoulders and the other in his arms.

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Our Approach

We are the only not-for-profit organization in our service area that staffs full-time immigration attorneys, and we are committed to legal excellence.

With offices in the Bloomington-Normal and Champaign-Urbana areas, over 100 annual regional clinics and workshops, and state-wide partnerships we pair top-quality legal advocacy with a rural-regional service approach to ensure access to legal representation across 86 counties.

A world map highlights native countries of Immigration Project clients.

— By charging low fees on a sliding scale, we help those in need and make application support services feasible.


— With our help, low-income immigrant families are able to become citizens, obtain work authorization, reunite with their families, and protect themselves from deportation.


— We have served immigrants from over 60 different countries in over 15 different languages and the majority of our staff is Spanish-English bilingual.

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Board of Directors

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Ricardo Díaz
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Maura Toro-Morn
Vice Chairperson
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David Hirst
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Adrian Barr
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Laurie L. Bergner, Ph.D.
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Cindy Buys
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Tim Flavin
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Joe Johnston
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Kate Radder
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Kevin Raica
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Monica Rondone


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Charlotte Alvarez
Executive Director
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Danielle DeWinter
Senior Staff Attorney
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Ximena Rivera
Staff Attorney
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Evisa Kambellari
Staff Attorney
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Sara Buitron Viveros
Staff Attorney
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Adrienne Yasunaga
Staff Attorney
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Celeste Longbucco
Department Of Justice Representative & Citizenship Program Coordinator
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Christine Howe
Department of Justice Representative
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Ruth Latzke
Department Of Justice Representative
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Alvaro Bello
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Marianne Taylor
Intake Specialist
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David Araujo
Intake Specialist
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Sarah Mellor
Community Navigators Manager
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Rocío Peralta
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Claudia Calvo-Parra
Welcome Center Caseworker
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Camila Graunke
Office Manager
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Veronica Torres Luna
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Adriana Romero
Champaign Office Manager/Community Navigator
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Grace Cardenas
Outreach Assistant

Americorps Vista Members

The Immigration Project is proud to work with members of the AmeriCorps Volunteers In Service To America Program. VISTA’s work with non-profit organizations all across the country.  Members serve a one year term, and commit their time to addressing community needs and poverty alleviation. At The Immigration Project, we have VISTA members on staff assisting in targeted projects that serve our community.

Portrait of Zachariah Barr.
Zachariah Barr
AmeriCorps VISTA
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Zoe Bouras
AmeriCorps VISTA
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Sherin Daniel
VISTA Strategic Planning Associate
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Joana Ramírez
VISTA Outreach Coordinator