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Position open immediately


The IP has an immediate opening for another VISTA job that will start July 2015.

Application due rather immediately.

The VISTA will expand the Immigration Project’s capacity to provide legal assistance through the creation of a sustainable Volunteer Program. See the details:

Immigration Project–Volunteer Coordinator

Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested and thank you.

Anyone interested needs to apply online through the link above.  Possible candidates can get their questions answered after sending Christine a resume.


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The Immigration Project got its first Form I-212 approval, which will allow a husband and father, who has waited in Mexico for 10 years, to finally join his family in the U.S.  He will be joining his U.S. citizen wife and two U.S. citizen daughters, who he has been living separated from since 2006.  

The backstory:
Mr. G Salinas (name changed) met his wife in Mexico after he returned from working and living in the U.S. without permission. He decided to marry her and stay in Mexico and they had a child. Because she was a U.S. citizen and wanted to live in the U.S., she traveled to the U.S. . While there, she learned she was pregnant with her second child and decided to stay, visit him in Mexico, and work to bring him to the U.S. They didn’t understand he was barred  from entering the US due to multiple entries without permission, and so he had to remain outside for 10 years,…AND  then they didn’t understand that he would need special permission from the U.S. government to come back after the waiting 10 years. Until she met with our agency, after he was once again denied at the consulate at Ciudad Juarez.