D.O.J. Representative

A Department Of Justice Accredited Representative (D.O.J. Accredited Representative) is an individual properly trained in law that has the approval of the Office of Legal Access Programs (OLAP) to represent those in immigration law matters. In order to gain accreditation, each candidate must prove they have enough immigration law knowledge to be excellent legal representatives. Our candidates have gone through training classes, passed exams, and been extensively mentored by our immigration attorneys. The online class can cost around $500 for the average applicant, but The Immigration Project covers the cost of the class for prospective Immigration Project staff.

The Immigration Project currently has 4 D.O.J. Accredited Representatives, Tim Flavin, Christine Howe, Celeste Longbucco, and Ruth Latzke. Tim is both a volunteer D.O.J. and a board member of The Immigration Project. Christine joined the organization in 2008 and received her accreditation just last year. Ruth originally started in October 2017 in our Normal office as our part-time intake specialist. Celeste started as a volunteer last summer. Both Celeste and Ruth are both preparing to submit their applications for accreditation. Once approved, they will be great advocates for our clients. 

Christine Howe (D.O.J. Rep)

Ruth Latzke

  Celeste Longbucco