The Immigration Project

We offer valuable opportunities to volunteer and make a positive and lasting contribution to immigrants’ lives

Volunteer Opportunities

The Immigration Project utilizes thousands of volunteer hours every year, and we are excited to offer valuable opportunities that help an intern or volunteer make a positive and lasting contribution to immigrants’ lives.

Please note: With the exception of translation and interpretation, we rarely have one-time needs, preferring a minimum commitment of 3-4 months.

One man advises another while gesturing to computer.

Case Assistant

Case Assistants are very involved in the logistics of preparing paperwork and following up on actual cases, and can sometimes involve client interaction. English only is fine.

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Language Team

If you have a strong language aptitude (fluent or advanced, particularly in French, Spanish, Lingala, and Kanjobal), we would love to have you on our language team. 

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If you enjoy helping people directly over the phone or in-person, then you might be a great fit for this position. Ideally, we are searching for folks who are bilingual (English-Spanish) to help in this role. 

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Archiving Team

This project will ensure that our considerable case history is more readily accessible to our legal advocates, which should streamline and improve our ability to analyze and manage cases.

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Legal Student Volunteer

Legal student volunteers assist attorneys with case research and writing documents, increasing our capacity to serve clients from all over the state. 

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These opportunities include the Internship Program for non-law students, the Legal Internship program for law students, and Programs Assistant (for internship positions only). 

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinators if you have any questions.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Community Navigators

Community Navigators (Promotores) receive specialized training to better assist our immigrant neighbors.


We are hiring!


As the only organization of our kind in our service area, we serve 86 counties  on our own! 

Amazon Smile

Make us your Amazon Smile Charity, at no extra cost to you!


Host a fundraising event for us! We made a tool kit to  get you started on Facebook!

OUR Impact

“Being able to accomplish my goal of becoming a US citizen would have not been possible without assistance, support, and advocacy from the Immigration Project.

 I will forever be thankful for the Immigration Project’s determination, dedication, and hard work with my case.”

– Former Citizenship client, Maria Sanchez

Domitilia first came to the USA at the age of 18 to join her parents.

Her father came to the USA in the 1970s, when Domitilia was a child. While her father was working to help support his family, the separation meant that, by and large, Domitilia and her siblings grew up without the presence of their father. As such, Domitilia learned early on the difference that immigration status can make.

Since arriving in the United States in 1991, Domitilia married her husband Victor, in what she calls a “love at first sight” situation, and the two have raised four children together.  

With the help of The Immigration Project, Domitilia is the most recent of her family members to naturalize. After living, working, and raising a family in the United States for almost 30 years, Domitilia is finally able to say that she is a US Citizen. She swore her citizenship oath in Peoria in September of 2019, and she is anticipating being able to attend the naturalization ceremony of her brother, soon.