Volunteer Highlight: Nathan Vermillion

In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation month, we are kick-starting our Volunteer Highlights by featuring Nathan Vermillion. We asked him a few questions about himself and his time volunteering with us.
Where are you from?

Nathan: I grew up in a small town called Yates City located half way between Peoria and Galesburg IL.

How long have you volunteered with us?

N: I have been volunteering since 2014, though I can’t remember the exact month I started.

Why do you volunteer with the IP?

N: I was looking for volunteer opportunities and a co-worker introduced me to the Immigration Project. I was looking to branch out and learn new areas of law and felt immigration would be fun and something completely different from my day job. Turns out I was right. That got me in the door. But it’s been the wonderful attorneys and staff at the Immigration Project and knowing I’m helping people create an opportunity to build better lives for themselves, and especially their families, that keeps me excited to come in each week.

Where do you currently work?

N: I currently work for State Farm.

What is your favorite memory volunteering here?

N: My favorite memory happens on a regular basis. On several occasions the first thing Charlotte will say is “You get to learn something new today.”  I always enjoy the work but on those days there’s always a part of me that gets excited to learn something new about our immigration process.