The Immigration Project

Ruth Latzke

Portrait of Ruth Latzke.

Ruth was born and raised in Venezuela.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela, as well as an Associate’s degree in Insurance.

She worked in the insurance business for 11 years, working in Customer Service, Administration and as an Insurance Agent.

She also worked for Baptist Youth National Union in Venezuela as an Executive Secretary, planning events as workshop, camps for the youth around Venezuela.

Her parents taught her the importance of helping others by example. Her mom would always say, “We are here in this world to serve others.” She took that lesson to heart, and doing so became her passion. At an early age she found herself helping others by doing things like collecting food and toys for families in need, or reading books to someone who unable to get out of bed. She helped provide teens with supplies they needed for school, assisted kids with homework because their parents couldn’t, hosted medical missionaries, etc.

In 2010 she moved to the United States on a student visa. She attended College of The Albemarle, where she studied Early Childhood Education.

Living in North Carolina, she met a large Hispanic community. It didn’t take long before she was doing things like teaching Sunday school, helping people with translations for doctor’s appointments or to talk with teachers, or showing them how to use Skype to talk with distant family members.

Ruth moved to Illinois in 2014, and has been in the Bloomington area since 2015.

Ruth has been part of The immigration Project family since October 2017, and is happy to have found a job that involves helping others. She’s eager to learn more about immigration law in order to help even more.