Volunteer Highlight: Melissa Sanders

Meet Melissa Sanders! She has been working 40 hours a week for the past couple months as part of her internship with us in order to complete her paralegal certificate. We asked her some questions about herself to learn more about her. Thanks Melissa!


Where are you from:
Originally from the Peoria Area, but have lived up and down the East Coast following my husband’s military career. I currently reside in East Peoria IL, but will be moving to Boston at the end of summer!
Where do you currently work?
Prior to my volunteer work at IP, I was an IT Analyst at Caterpillar Inc.

Why do you volunteer with the IP?

I am completing the final internship requirement for a post grad certification. I will be attending the University of Mass Boston this coming spring, pursuing my Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in HR Management. I feel that a background in immigration compliance will compliment my masters degree, due to the global nature of the current business climate.


What work or activities are you involved in when you are not volunteering for the Immigration Project?

I am enjoying my summer by focusing solely on my internship and preparing to move. The days I am not at IP, you can find me reading, biking, or relaxing by the pool!


What is the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I have been given is:
In order to truly grow and learn, you have to be willing to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and allow yourself to be in a position to be challenged and occasionally fail.