Volunteer Opportunities

Below, you can find descriptions of available roles:


Case Assistant

A Case Assistant is very involved in the logistics of preparing and following-up paperwork of actual cases and can work into client interaction.  English-only is fine in most cases.  Those who wish can be trained for the Citizenship Team to meet with clients one-on-one to complete and file their cases.


Translation/Interpretation – Spanish, French, Lingala, Q’anjob’al

Birth and marriage certificates, client statements of hardship or abuse, and correspondence are the typical documents that need translating.   For interpreting (being in a client meeting either in person, through Skype, or on the phone), French and Lingala are the main languages needed since all our staff is bilingual Spanish.



  • Reception/Intake (bilingual Spanish preferred)
  • Development (fundraising)
  • Marketing (website, articles, radio spots) or Communications (flyers, literature development)
  • IT (tech support)
  • Other: Videos, PowerPoints

Community Navigator

Community Navigators (Promotores) is a model of service delivery that was most recently used in the Affordable Care Act enrollment process.  They are community members who receive specialized training in immigration matters to be able to effectively be a referral source and/or a service provider for immigrants.  They are educators, health care workers, advocates, interpreters, social service providers, students.  We offer a 10-module training which covers topics such as Immigration 101, forms of immigration relief, avoiding unauthorized practice of law, identifying legal help, and reporting victimization.  A shorter training is available to become primarily a referral source rather than offering direct service.


Legal Student Volunteer

This opportunity is only available for current law students. Legal student volunteers assist attorneys with case research and writing documents, increasing our capacity to serve clients from all over the state. These volunteers might conduct legal research, develop statements, draft briefs, locate information in FOIA request records, and perform other tasks as needed for cases.


Programs Assistant (internship positions only)

Programs include but are not limited to: Citizenship (NAI – New Americans Initiative), Community Navigators, DACA, etc. Interns will staff members spearheading these programs. NAI Interns will have positions such as case assistant or outreach assistant. The NAI Case Assistant contacts clients, input notif data, and close citizenship cases. The NAI Outreach Assistant calls clients, conduct pre-screens, and creates flyers to promote citizenship-related events. The Community Navigator Intern will assist the Volunteer Coordinator by maintaining PowerPoints, monthly newsletters, and other materials to use for trainings. The DACA Intern calls and meets with clients as well as preps forms. Other programs appear on a by-need basis. If you have a skillset that you think will benefit our office, feel free to reach out and apply for an internship.