The Immigration Project

Zoe Bouras

Portrait of Zoe Bouras.

Zoe Bouras was born in the UK and immigrated to central Illinois in 2006, living in a rural Amish community since.  She recently graduated from the University of Oxford, UK with a MSc in Latin American Studies, and in 2018 graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, as a double major in international studies and political science. Zoe learned about the Immigration Project after attending a talk by Dr. Kathleen O’Gorman, in which Dr. O’Gorman recounted her experiences as a translator in US border detention facilities. As an immigrant herself, Zoe is looking forward to the year ahead and is excited for the opportunity to help TIP as an organization committed to immigration justice. Zoe enjoys reading, travelling (31 countries and counting!), and taking care of her pet hedgehog, Thimble.